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just spent the last couple of hours drawing this out. I’m not that proud of it, but it’s all right for me I guess. I was thinking earlier about making an Animal Crossing comic based around my town, and I figured I would draft a front cover for it, and this was created. 

In the centre is myself as mayor, holding a ‘WELCOME TO PINKPORT’ town. To my right are my 2 little brothers, Ben and Alex, seeing they have a data in my town. Also, I created a new character who I decided would be based around ‘N’ from the Pokemon series. (gotta love that N)

Above them are Tom Nook and Redd, who I decided to make the two sort of ‘villains’ in my comic. I am not quite sure how they will serve as the bad guys, but I have decided they want to ruin Pinkport and everyone who lives in it

 At the top is Anchovy (a villager I am slowly growing to like in my game, despite his stupid house location) He will basically be blackmailed into helping Tom and Redd get rid of Mayor Becky when she starts to interfere with their ‘evil’ schemes. We also have Mr Resetti just chilling at the back there cause I couldn’t leave him out xD

On the right we have all the other main characters I consider ‘good’ in the story. Katie is just hiding behind Anchovy there, and next to her Jaqcues (MY FAVOURITE VILLAGER) Next to them two is K.K Slider, who will give Becky valuable advice to help her out, as well as help her out with the two trouble makers.

Then there is Booker as well in  his Police uniform, as well as Bree next to him (my second favourite villager)


So that’s it really…. sorry for rambling on xD